About Me

I was called by God to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ during a service in 1979. As a young minister, I became the youth pastor for the church and served on the State Youth Board for our denomination.

After ten years I pioneered a church in Portland in 1990. Being married to my beautiful wife, Kaysandra and with two beautiful girls, Marckia and Adrienne, we opened the doors to Center of Praise and the church soon grew and born from that ministry there are ministers, pastors, and worship leaders throughout the region.

There Is Hope Ministries was established in 2013, but shortly after we had to disband in order to take the pastorate of Albina Christian Life Center in 2015 when Bishop Samuel Irving retired from preaching. Throughout these times many souls have been saved and I became a teacher of street evangelism and served on various boards.

Ordained as Bishop in 2005, many people have been won to the Lord either while working as a railroad engineer, preaching, or witnessing on the streets. So the vision of Hope has resurfaced, by which our outreach of the hand of Christ to the destitute and those looking for a way out of their binding and destructive circumstances.!” has extended according to the personal vision that God has given me, not to work alone but as a branch of the Albina Christian Life Center.

“For we are saved by Hope”! Rom. 8:25